Keynote Speaker

A powerful and engaging leadership speaker with provocative questions, practical advice, relevant data, and proven solutions.

Key Topics of Expertise Include:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Experience
  • Healthy Organizational Cultures
  • The Future of Work
  • The Thought Patterns and Behaviors of Superior Performers

Dr. Sharalyn has addressed tens of thousands of people at summits, seminars, and conferences across the globe. She has transformed minds, spurred thinking, and elevated expectations with her signature speaking approach. Dr. Sharalyn is an entertaining speaker who has been described as gifted by audiences for her to ability to capture and hold audience’s attention – pulling them into the experience and providing space for listeners to connect with what’s being shared.

“My goal is to provide your audience with cutting edge principles, rich insights, and powerful content based on years of experience and research, and with a delivery style that engages the mind, stirs the heart, and moves all into immediate and continuous action.”

Dr. Sharalyn Payne

Why Dr. Sharalyn?

  • Rich insights, fresh perspectives, practical solution
  • Challenges and provokes your thinking
  • Awakens you to action
  • Leaves you considering what’s possible
  • Professional
  • Easy to do business with
  • Timely and relevant content

Most Requested Speaking Topics

Reshaping Leadership: Powerful Principles for Maximizing Potential, Performance, and Profitability

Reshaping Leadership has been leveraged by some of the world’s strongest companies to address current issues and trends as they ascend to their next level of success.
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Developing the Leaders You Need, Creating the Company They Love

Every company has the ability to maximize potential, performance, productivity, and profitability by developing the current and future leaders the organization needs, while building companies talent loves.
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Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable: Think Big, See Things Differently, and Achieve Seemingly Impossible Goals

This power packed, game-changing talk is based on Dr. Sharalyn Payne’s book, Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable.
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