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About the Webinar

  • Strategies for creating a healthy, winning, and workplace culture to attract and retain talent and maximize potential and performance.

  • Three principles exemplary leaders master to attract, inspire, develop and motivate talent to create exceptional business outcomes.

  • Gain insights on designing an exceptional employee experience so that your organization can be recognized as an employer of choice.

  • Learn the critical skills that will be the most attractive within the five years. skills needed to solve pressing business problems and increase the organization’s profitability.

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The Speaker

Dr. Sharalyn Payne

“What is, what isn’t, what should be, and even what could be is possible with leaders committed to leaving an indelible mark on people, communities, humanity, our country, the world. The decisions you make and even the choices you don’t matter. So, choose to make the best decision even when it hurts you.”

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