Develop Leaders You Need, Creating Companies They Love

About the Webinar

  • How exemplary leaders create and sustain strong high performers teams for now and the future.
  • Classic leadership principles exemplary leaders use to meet team members where they are and take them higher.
  • How people mangers can make employees feel seen valued, appreciated, and supported in a hybrid or virtual environment.
  • The three types of employee recognition awards you must have in place to maximize individual and organization performance, transform culture, and build loyalty.


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The Speaker

Dr. Sharalyn Payne

“What is, what isn’t, what should be, and even what could be is possible with leaders committed to leaving an indelible mark on people, communities, humanity, our country, the world. The decisions you make and even the choices you don’t matter. So, choose to make the best decision even when it hurts you.”

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